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A top-of-the-line boutique marina in Croatia's ancient city of Zadar, D-Marin Borik is a fantastic gateway to the island-dotted Adriatic coast.

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  1. If the beam of the vessel exceeds the maximum beam for that length category, the fee will be calculated as per category to which corresponds the maximum beam of the vessel.
  2. The berth price for multihulls is increased 100%.
  3. For stay on berth from 30 days and over, for full payment in advance, a discount of 50% on a daily rate is approved.
  4. Short stay fee (water/land) up to 4 hours is calculated as per daily rate and reduced by 50%.
  5. Loyalty discounts:
  • 5% discount on annual berth rate for continuous stay of 10 years and over
  • 8% discount on annual berth rate for continuous stay of 15 years and over
  • 10% discount on annual berth rate for continuous stay of 20 years and over
  1. The daily berth rate covers the expenses till 14:00 of the last paid day.
  2. The vessels with annual berthing contract with Marina and transient vessels arrived by sea/land may take up to 7 days storage ashore free of charge for repairs and maintenance, regardless of weather conditions. After 7 days a daily rate will be charged as per current pricelist.



  1. Rates of haul out, launching and pressure washing after working hours, between 16:00 until 22:00, are increased 50%.
  2. Rates of haul out, launching and pressure washing from 22:00 until 08:00, on Sundays and holidays are to be increased by 100%.

Rate for the vessels with specific hull will be agreed separately

  1. Moving the boat from vehicle onto cradle is charged as one operation.
  2. Jib Crane services should be ordered at least three working days in advance.


  1. Marina reserves the right to amend these prices at any time. Such amends shall be displayed on the marina’s public notice board and web site.
  2. Marina reserves the right to measure any boat.
  3. All services are payable at the Marina reception.
  4. The complaints book is available at the Marina reception.
  5. All listed prices include VAT.


D-Marin marinas are among the best managed ones, providing top facilities and services.

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