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Guests arriving the marina have the opportunity to visit the historic center of the island and its museums and natural heritages. 


Lefkas is a group of 24 islands with its stunning turquoise water and its endless, white sandy beaches, lying mainly along the west coast. Porto Katsiki is considered to be one of the finest beach in Europe. Kathisma is one of the most famous beach with a long stretch of sand with crystal clear blue water, lies on the west coast of the island. The glorious beach of Egremni must be also visited.
The eastern side is dominated by the verdant Prinkipo islands with their scenic anchorages and sandy bays. This is where Onassis' island; Skorpios and the home of the great poet Aristoteles Valaoritis; Madouri are situated.

On the small islets of Meganisi, the visitors encounter particularly lovely places, fine beaches Kastos and Kalamos and traditional villages. 

In the same area, the great, sheltered bay of Vlichos that cuts deep into the shoreline forms a splendid natural harbour, welcoming all crafts sailing on the Ionian Islands. While the green peninsula of Vlichos embraces the beach and curves round opposite Nidri, do not skip the beautiful deep bay at Sivota, reminiscent of a fjord.

One of Lefkas’ most important natural beauty is Gira. A 7 km long, narrow strip of white sand forms a lagoon in the north of the island, starting from a point right behind the fortress of Santa Maura, to the Ammoglossa (Tongue of Sand).


8 NM Meganisi
20 NM Fiscardo
15 NM Kalamos


17 km Aktion International Airport
21 km Preveza Town

Lefkas Marina
31100 Lefkas East Shore Lefkas Marina - Greece

Lefkas Marina
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