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A pristine marina destination in an unspoilt natural environment…


A paradise where Turkey’s Mediterranean coast meets the pristine south west, D-Marin Göcek is sheltered in a cove of unspoilt hidden beaches, pine forests and fascinating islands to create Turkey’s safest natural marina. This preciousness has been recognized and it is a registered area of special protection, meaning multi-story buildings are not allowed and the natural beauty has been largely preserved.

Through sustainable design and pro-active environmental management, D-Marin Göcek has become a relaxed and enjoyable marina village. Apart from its natural heritage, the marina hosts sailing races attracting the sea lovers, all year round. Göcek City Centre itself is only a five-minute walk from the marina and contains many pleasant restaurants, cafes and bars along its promenade.


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D-Marin Gocek has become a unique superyacht destination with its pristine natural beauties…


D-Marin Göcek has been principally chosen as “the place to go” by superyachts and their owners due to its natural beauties, unlimited access opportunities and meets all needs of the captains, crew, yacht owners and their guests.
Protected by 6 m wide and 280 m long floating wave breaker, D-Marin Göcek provides a safe maneuver area with its 40m depth even for superyachts up to 70 m.

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D-Marin Gocek is one of the safest natural marina in Turkey with 150 yachts dry dock capacity and 380 yachts berth capacity


D-Marin Göcek privileges with 150 yachts dry dock capacity and 380 yachts berth capacity up to 70 m mega yachts.
The marina has total 1,214 m long floating pontoons. Necessary power connections and waste removal services are also provided at the berths.


  • Berthing capacity: 380


  • Dry dock capacity: 150
  • 18,000 sqm dry dock area
  • Travel lift: 75 T
  • Trailer: 40 T
  • Slipway
  • Hull pressure washing & cleaning
  • Hangar: 17.25 and 27 m of hangar available for winter repairs

General Services:

  • 24-hour water facility
  • 24-hour power supply (220/380V, 50Hz, 16-32-63-125 A)
  • Fuel station
  • WC and shower
  • Laundry area - Paid
  • 24-hour TV broadcast
  • Wireless internet access - Paid
  • Depots
  • Outdoor car parking
  • Pilot boat service
  • Diving services
  • Diving bottle filling service
  • Charging Stations

Technical Services :

  • Paint - polyester
  • Engine maintenance and repair
  • Electric (Up to 650 amper)
  • Wood Furniture
  • Lathing and metalwork
  • Ventilation, bilge control, air conditioning
  • Battery control and charging
  • General cleaning works

Security Services:

  • 24-hour security service
  • Fire warning and extinguishing systems

Environmental Cleaning Services :

  • Water circulation system in the harbour
  • Waste water collection facility
  • Solid waste collection station
  • Waste engine oil collecting station


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