D- Marin _YouTube Channel The innovative campaigns of D-Marin are a call for all of us to imagine and sail with freedom

July, 30

D-Marin outlined and implemented a wide spectrum of communication actions, targeting all yacht owners staying in the marinas in order to offer psychological support and useful information. The campaigns were designed to enhance the D-Marin Experience.

Specifically, D-Marin invited us to live the wonderful yachting experience together in an incredible journey, full of sea scents and shades of blue. The first inspirational video “Stay Safe and Imagineinvited us to an imaginary journey, where we could listen the sound of the waves and smell the sea water.

Today, that we can sail again with freedom, D- Marin, via the global campaign “Stay Safe and Sail” urges us to be reunited with the sea, to dance with the waves, to feel the breeze of summer in our face and breathe the salty air. #Staysafeandsail campaign is a welcome back to the marinas of the Group and an opportunity for our dreams to come true, being loyal to all the protection and safety rules.

Enrich your experiences through a series of inspirational videos on D-Marin YouTube channel.