D-Marin Borik: There is a true nautical paradise in front of you; here is what you should explore

August, 20

To make the most of your holiday at our D-Marin Borik marina, here is a list of suggestions to help you get to know the archipelago spread in front of you. 

Each and every island and islet out there is charming in its own way, so the best thing to do is visit all of them! We can hardly wait for you to meet us at the D-Marin Borik Forty Bar and tell us all about your latest adventures. We are also here for you if you have any additional questions.

is situated between the islands of Dugi Otok and Ugljan, and has a well-preserved historical center that you should stroll through to discover all its picturesque details. This island is also interesting as it is surrounded by a dozen smaller islands, including Rutnjak, a well-known bathing spot. There, in near seclusion, you can find respite in the shade of the pine trees, while the sea in front of you glimmers in all its shades of blue.

If you stop by the island of Silba, located north of Zadar and known as the Gate to Dalmatia, you will be wowed at first glance, no doubt about it. According to one of the many enchanting stories about this particular island, Odysseus himself once found refuge on Silba. And even though it is just a legend, once you step on the island, you will fall in love with it yourselves. You can also discover some of the island’s past by going diving in the surrounding sea. Only a few meters below the surface, in the Pocukmarak Cove, you will find a protected underwater archaeological site boasting ancient sarcophagi. With its many coves and beaches, both hidden and well-visited ones, and free of traffic, Silba is a true little oasis.

If you are looking for the most turquoise shade of blue, stop by Šotorišće, the main beach on the southern side of the island. You will also be amazed by the beauty of the sandy Pernastic Beach. And do not forget to explore Toreta, also known as the Tower of Love – the locals will gladly tell you the love story linked to this place. On your walk around Silba you will also find many konobas, or taverns, and restaurants, whose offer is all about Dalmatian specialties. Stop at one of them, take in your Mediterranean surroundings, order a glass of wine, and enjoy the mesmerizing sea ambiance.

Olib is famous for its coves and sandy beaches. One of the most attractive coves is the extremely shallow Slatinica Cove, which will overwhelm you with its emerald blue sea. The Banve Cove is equally impressive, with its Roman-era settlements, triple-naved St. Paul’s Church, and a hermit monastery. Besides its fascinating history, Olib also offers homemade wines, cheeses, and olive oil.

Stop on Premuda, discover its many charms and attractions, including Komunjski Magazin, an old, nearly intact olive processing facility, and meet the locals, known as Premujani.

One of the many favorite nautical destinations is the island of Ist, just 21 nautical miles away from Zadar. In the past, Ist was known as the island with the largest merchant navy in Dalmatia, and just last year, it was enjoyed by the famous Jon Bon Jovi, frontman of the rock band Bon Jovi. Drop your anchor in either Široka or Kosirača bays, go up to the Straža hill, where there is a small church with a platform commanding a fine view, and then come down and relax in one of the many konobas that will serve you a light lunch or dinner.

Enjoy the enchanting experiences on offer!