D-Marin Didim is Ready For the Summer Season

April, 28

D-Marin Didim, one of the largest marina in the Eastern Mediterranean, is ready for the summer season with the international standards measures that have been implemented with great care since the beginning of the pandemic.

Positioned as a first-class home base for the yachts and superyachts, D-Marin Didim is ready to host its guests during the summer season… D-Marin Didim, which has commissioned procedures at international standards within the scope of pandemic measures, awaits yacht enthusiasts.

The marina, which is an important center for yachts and superyachts with its boatyard services and wintering campaigns, attracted great attention during the winter months and hosted approximately 520 yachts in 8 months. D-Marin Didim aims to host more than 400 yachts from many different countries of the world such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Russia during the summer season.

The summer season preparations of the boats still continue at full speed with 72.000 m2 boatyard area, 2 travel lifts of 400 and 75 tons and an expert team.

Offering a unique experience to its guests in the Aegean Sea with its location, D-Marin Didim is among the best managed marinas in the world with its superior service quality and first class facilities.