D-Marin Group joins Salty Bag’s sail upcycling programme

March, 8

Now you can leave your used sails in D-Marin marinas in Greece and Croatia, which are then upcycled to make durable bags

As a socially responsible company that focuses on sustainable business, D-Marin Group has joined the Salty Bag project with the aim to reduce waste in the long term, as well as preserve the environment. The goal of the project is collecting and upcycling discarded and used sails in D-Marin marinas in Greece and Croatia, and reusing them to make, for example, durable travel bags.

How can I join the project if I have used sails?

To join, fill in an online form and inform Salty Bag of the exact location and time you will leave your sail at a D-Marin marina. Salty Bag will contact the marina to arrange the pick-up and transportation of the material. By joining the project, each participant receives a free-of-charge “salty bag” for every 30 square metres of usable material, a 25% discount coupon for the Salty Bag online shop, and a certificate of participation in the programme with exact information on the quantity of the material you provided in square metres, which prevented it from being disposed of in nature or at a landfill.