D-Marin locations bring you the most magical holidays

December, 22

Winters in Dalmatia, in addition to the cold bora wind, usually bring a little bit of magic as well. Here is a part of the holiday tradition of the Šibenik area.

Did you know that Šibenik is the only town to mark December 17 with the so-called Proslava (Celebration)? This is a tradition that hails back to ancient times, and that has, over time, taken on a religious meaning. On the day of Proslava, families would prepare traditional meals, and at midnight all the church bells would toll, while the people gathered in the central square – Poljana – where they would play music, dance, and bring out fritule (fritters, a fried, doughnut-like pastry, today usually enriched with vanilla, lemon, and cinnamon flavors) and rakija. Though not as loud as it used to be, nowadays, this occasion is still marked in homes, over traditional food and drinks. On the day before Christmas, at noon, music was played at the Šibenik Đardin and people would walk around, often visiting the local market.

During this time, various traditional delicacies are prepared in Šibenik and the surrounding area, such as homemade bread, kroštule, or uštipci (doughnut-like, fried dough), among other things. On Christmas Eve, fish is traditionally served, mostly brudet, codfish in bianco, or codfish in rosso. At the same time, fritule remain everyone’s favorite dessert. 

Apart from the fact that almost every house in Šibenik smells of them, fritule can be bought at every corner of Šibenik’s plastic-free Christmas market. One should also try their special hot drink – mulled gin. It is usually drunk while pleasantly chatting with fellow citizens and dear guests in one of the mentioned famous Šibenik locations, Poljana and Đardin, where, as the stories go, long ago on these holidays, good wishes were exchanged, together with songs and snacks.

A traditional Christmas lunch usually consists of meat, with the side dishes of potatoes and sauerkraut, for instance, while the entire hedonistic ceremony begins with a glass of aperitif: prošek, wormwood liqueur, or whatever else one enjoys. Luganige are another delicacy that is a part of the Christmas feast and a well-kept secret of the area. Simply put, luganige are sausages made from a mixture of pork and lamb meat. What makes them exceptional are the spices: lemon juice and grated lemon zest, garlic, pepper, coriander, and cinnamon.

During the festive season, simply strolling down the stone streets is a magical experience, due to the thousands of sparkling lights and the strong smell of incense.

As Dalmatia is famous for its superb wines, one must simply try Debit, a light and fresh white dry wine, Rose, a salmon-colored dry wine with attractive aromas, and Babić, a red wine made from the eponymous local grape variety.

Whichever custom you decide to try this Christmas, we wish you holidays filled with health, peace, and love, and a happy new year!