D-Marin network invests in a new jellyfish as the marina group pushes for even greater sustainable ocean waste management

November, 30

D-Marin, the selection of premium marinas, has today announced it has purchased a Jellyfishbot, an autonomous multi-purpose solution for the collection of waste and oil spills. 

This is a further investment in the sustainability arena for the marina group as it continues its mission to advance marina development solutions in all areas including waste management and sea water environment protection.

The new bot was officially presented to the local community at an event on 29th November at D-Marin’s Zea Marina of Pireaus, by the makers from IADYS.

The Jellyfishbot is an efficient and flexible solution to support water decontamination of widespread and sheltered areas, including ports, marinas, lakes and canals, but can also operate in leisure centres, hotel residences and industrial facilities. Successful in clearing water pollution, the robot autonomously cleans an area defined by the operator in an outdoor environment using Global Positioning System (GPS) points. The robot can also perform ad-hoc cleanings when required, and can be remotely operated at any time. In addition, when equipped with a sonar, it can perform bathymetry surveys, up to 10 metres in depth.

Commenting on the investment, Areti Priovolou, HSE Officer of D-Marin said: “We are delighted to have signed an agreement with such an impressive marina management initiative. The Jellyfishbot is a welcome investment for us in pursuing innovative sustainable solutions for waste management and sea water environment protection. This investment is part of D-Marin’s strong Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy with the vision to create "Sustainable Marinas" for todays and future generations.

“This is an exciting time for D-Marin as it continues to protect and excel the exceptional conditions of D-Marin’s marinas. With more plastic than fish being forecasted to be in the oceans by 2050, we are playing a crucial role in protecting, cleaning and depolluting the water surfaces, benefiting not only the environment but also our customers as they enjoy the highest professional standards as we strive to innovate and become the market-leader in the marina industry.

“We would like to thank CVC Capital Partners (‘CVC’) for the opportunity to access the ‘Planet & People Grants’ that made this extraordinary purchase possible. Thank you also to the ingenious minds of the people at IADYS and EPE yachting who supplied us with the bot.”

Mr. Ioannis Koutsodontis, Greece Operations Director, D-Marin also added: “As a Group we focus on the strategy of sustainable development, thus we have taken the initiative to protect and upgrade the environment where we operate and to create the marinas of the future through innovations and investments in equipment and new technologies. Jellyfishbot is an important tool in our efforts.”

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