Donations and Sponsorships Policy

March, 24

In its everyday business, D-Marin Croatia follows the principle of social responsibility, ethics and involvement in the needs of the local and wider community. Since it was established, D-Marin Croatia has been awarding funds for various programmes, projects, activities or events that support social causes.

Priority areas for awarding funds are as follows:


  • charitable work and improving the quality of life
  • art, education and science
  • sports
  • culture
  • economy
  • ecology and environmental protection.


Donations and sponsorships are, as a general rule, awarded through tenders indicating the criteria, deadlines and the procedure for allocating funds. The current tender and instructions for applicants can be found at the following link:

General rules concerning donations and sponsorships are set out in the Rules on Donations and Sponsorships, available at the above link. Any further inquiries concerning donations and sponsorships can be submitted via e-mail to the following address:

D-Marin Croatia collects and processes personal data submitted in the process of awarding donations or sponsorships in accordance with applicable regulations. You can find more information about data processing by D-Marin Croatia in the Privacy Policy at the following link: