Enrich your experiences through the D-Marin Spotify channel

July, 28

D-Marin Global Marina network introduces its official Spotify Channel and invites you to travel around the world with D-Marin sounds!

On D-Marin Spotify channel you will find unique playlists featuring Arabic, Greek, Croatian and Turkish tunes as well as unforgettable songs from various genres such as jazz, contemporary jazz, ambient music, folk and rock to celebrate the everyday moments of summer! You may scan the above QR code for easy access to the account.

In addition, D-Marin Podcasts called "Sea Talks" include a variety of topics such as sea life, tourist guides with useful information regarding the places that marinas are located and daily chitchat.

Our motto for this summer, “Volume up, let the music play and enjoy the unique 
D-Marin experience”!