Environmental Policy of D-Marin marinas in Greece

June, 5

D-Marin marinas in Greece: Zea, Lefkas, Gouvia are committed to deliver sustainable marina operations and create an environmentally friendly culture by complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulation and requirements. Given this commitment, D-Marinas Hellas marinas established all the proper activities that occur within the Marinas’ Facilities aiming to protect the environment. The D-Marinas Hellas Environmentally policy is based on three axes: enforcing regulations, taking actions to prevent pollution and educating staff and boaters.

Waste Management Plan

It is obligatory by the Law, produced and updated by an expert company and approved by the Authorities. The Plan describes how every type of waste is collected and managed. The Plan complies with the International ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems.

Other Environmental Activities


  • In Gouvia and Lefkas marina, a pump out station is situated next to the Fuel Station dock, designed for both sewage and bilge water.
  • In Zea marina mega yachts have their own pump – out line connected with the main marina sewage network.
  • Tanks, for the collection of the used oils, are placed all around the marinas.
  • Water quality testing is undertaken on a monthly basis. The results are submitted to the Authorities
  • Rubbish recycling are placed within the marinas’ areas in cooperation with the local municipal facilities. Marked bins are provided and boaters, visitors and clients are encouraged to deposit items in the appropriate containers.
  • A special leaflet is given to new comers with all information concerning the marinas ’capabilities regarding waste disposal, as well as their obligations related to the environment protection.
  • Special care is given to the dry dock areas where the places for service activities such as the sanding, painting and even washing of boats are specifically designed in a manner to be able to collect all the waste and scavenger materials.
  • Treatment systems are installed to remove the suspended particles and heavy metals from the water.
  • Zea marina installed solar benches where customers and visitors may charge their devices.
  • Zea marina has a new vacuum pump station for grey and black water.
  • Maintenance of sewage, pumps and WC’s is carried out on a regular basis.


Blue Flag Accreditation

D- Marin Gouvia and D-Marin Lefkas are awarded with the Blue Flag complying with the safety and environmental criteria of the program.

By providing high quality services and facilities D-Marinas Hellas will continue to measure the progress and effectiveness of the environmental policy, review the policy on an annual basis and continue the efforts to promote the environmental awareness and a corporate social responsibility culture among all staff and customers.

Enriching your experiences by keeping the Marina life and environment clean is our biggest success!