Finally, the tourism restarts! Stay tuned for more info

May, 15

With state borders gradually opening in Croatia, while we are slowly emerging from the lockdown, we are glad to see the first glimpses of tourism restarting in our region. Still, we are paying careful attention to necessary Covid-19 protection and prevention measures, but nevertheless we are happy to receive many calls and messages from our guests who want to come to our marinas to their boats.

Through all this time, we made sure the boats were safe in our marinas, waiting for their owners, hoping for better days and new sailing adventures to come. While we still must remain careful, it seems those days are getting closer. Now that we are allowed to meet again, we will have to adapt to new circumstances and regulations – so please, make sure that you read more about this in the COVID-19 News section.

Despite the new regulations, we still want to offer you that familiar welcoming feeling when you visit our marinas. Although things have changed, rest assured that most of your partners are waiting for you in our marinas – from our front office staff to reliable service technicians and friendly waiters in restaurants and cafes, are joyously waiting for your return. You will have access to nearly all of the usual services outside of our marinas. We are doing our best to prepare our marinas for your arrival, focused especially on your safety, but also on your longing for vacation and rest.

But most of all, we are very excited to welcome you and see you again!