Meet Tribunj: We bring you five reasons why the Dalmatian town is your ideal holiday destination by the sea

July, 8

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A stone’s throw from Šibenik, right next to Vodice, lies Tribunj, a tiny Dalmatian town and port, perfectly positioned for those looking to sail across both southern and northern Adriatic. It is also one of the destinations with the cleanest sea on the Adriatic coastline. The old part of the town is nestled on a small island connected to the mainland with an attractive stone bridge.

While relaxing in Tribunj without a care in the world, take a stroll, breathe in some fresh Mediterranean air rich with the scent of sage, and climb up the St. Nicholas Hill. Once there, go and see the remains of the Jurjevgrad Fort, the old cemetery, and the viewpoint commanding a stunning panoramic view over the Kornati archipelago and national park on the one side, and Tribunj and part of the Šibenik riviera on the other. At the same time, the town’s hinterland is crisscrossed with dry stone walls and rich in olive trees and grapevines. You can start your exploration of the surrounding area by taking the so-called olive paths. Just nearby, above the new Tribunj cemetery, there is a new Way of the Cross leading to the St. Rocco Chapel and Kugine Stope, a viewpoint atop the Križine Hill that has historical significance for the locals, and offers the most beautiful panorama of the entire area and its islands.

For those who prefer an active holiday, Tribunj offers basketball and mini football. You can also try your hand at playing bocce ball; you will quickly learn why the game is played for hours and why Dalmatians love it so much. There are also sailing and scuba diving schools. Thanks to the beautifully clean blue waters and the varied flora and fauna, Tribunj is perfect for going swimming or on an underwater safari and learning more about the local marine life.

Finally, do not miss your chance to lounge on the Zamalin or Bristak beach or any other of the countless smaller bays and coves west of Tribunj, with several pebble beaches, including the most beautiful and popular of them all – Sovlja Beach.

Being a fishing town, Tribunj is well-known for the fact that you can purchase freshly caught fish directly from the local fishermen, who will most likely want to share with you a few of their fishing stories. The moment the fishermen return from the sea, Tribunj’s waterfront or pier where fishing boats arrive near the marina, turns into an open-air market brimming with fresh fish, langoustines, and other shellfish, which you can prepare on your own. At the same time, all those looking to simply enjoy themselves can sample a number of restaurants and konobas serving different fish delicacies and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Did you know that mussels cultivated in the waters off Šibenik, which is quite close to Tribunj, grow three to five times faster than anywhere else in the world? Šibenik and Zaton bays are the best known mussel farm locations on the Dalmatian coast due to brackish water, which is the main precondition for mussel farming and the result of mixing together seawater from the two bays with fresh water from Lake Prokljan, several nearby springs and Krka River. The most popular (and tastiest) mussel dish is mussels prepared buzara-style; its flavors will forever remind you of the striking attractions across the Šibenik region and a truly memorable summer.

Besides Tribunj, you should definitely explore the surrounding area. Close by are the tiny islands of Zlarin and Prvić, where time has seemingly stopped, and where there are no cars or hordes of tourists. Another interesting attraction is the island of Logorun, home to a donkey reserve.

Right across the sea from Tribunj is the Kornati National Park, often described as the sailing paradise. You will learn why as soon as you start slaloming between the park’s 89 islands, islets, and reefs, all breathtakingly beautiful. You will definitely wish to stay there forever, and return to Tribunj and its quiet port where everything you may want is at your fingertips.