New conditions for crossing the Croatian border

January, 13

The Civil Protection Headquarters has issued a new decision on state border crossings, in line with the Council's recommendations on temporary restrictions on non-compulsory travel, which restricts non-compulsory arrivals in Croatia, especially from countries where a new strain of coronavirus is spread, such as the UK and South Africa.

The list of these countries will be adopted by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, and special epidemiological measures will be applied to travelers from these countries. Namely, passengers from these countries upon entering Croatia will have to show a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours and will be assigned to isolate for 14 days, with an option to reduce the quarantine to seven days if they make PCR testing in authorized institutions and if the test is negative.

Persons from third countries, who come for urgent personal reasons such as funerals, medical treatment, etc., will have their stay in Croatia limited to a maximum of 12 hours, and special rules have been introduced for persons arriving to deliver earthquake-affected areas. In order to enter Croatia, they'll need the prior consent of the Civil Protection Headquarters.