New instructions for crossing the Croatian border

December, 1

The Civil Protection Headquarters has issued a new decision on temporarily banning or restricting entry into Croatia.

The new decision on banning border crossings is based on the situation in European regions. Travelers coming from green areas of the EU (list available at the link) do not need a PCR test or any other condition to enter Croatia. All others need a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours or they'll be tested while entering Croatia and wait in isolation for the test result.

Entry without a negative PCR test for EU citizens is allowed for health professionals, border workers, pupils, interns and students who travel abroad daily if they do not stay in the Republic of Croatia and abroad for more than 12 hours. Also, seafarers and workers in the transport sector, transport providers, diplomats, staff of international organizations, people traveling for urgent reasons, passengers in transit with the obligation to leave the country within 12 hours and patients traveling for necessary medical reasons are also allowed to enter the country without a negative PCR test.

Travelers from third countries cannot cross the border, with a few exceptions (transit, border workers, diplomats, staff in the transport sector), and they will also need a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours. EU citizens coming from third countries can enter Croatia with a negative PCR test.