The oldest traditional regatta for Czech sailors takes place once again at D-Marin Tribunj

October, 15

Nestled in the heart of a Dalmatian town known for its maritime tradition, D-Marin Tribunj has been hosting the Česká Námořní Rallye regatta for ten years now.

It is the oldest traditional regatta for sailors from the Czech Republic. This year, the 25th edition of the regatta took place between October 9 and October 16, starting in the waters off the island of Murter and ending in Biograd.

For two consecutive days, the participants of the regatta, i.e. 38 boats and 220 crew members, stayed at D-Marin Tribunj. To thank them for their successful long-standing cooperation and generous hospitality, the organizers of the regatta presented the marina staff with a special recognition. The regatta was followed by a number of Czech reporters, who had been able to visit the Šibenik-Zadar region thanks to the Croatian National Tourist Board. As part of their tour of the region, the reporters visited two other D-Marin marinas, Dalmacija and Borik, besides D-Marin Tribunj, which is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to explore the many islands and natural wonders across the Adriatic Sea.

The fall is when many regattas with mostly foreign participants take place across the Adriatic, and quite often it is the D-Marin marinas that are hosting these events. Thus, for instance, this fall, D-Marin Tribunj hosted nine different regattas and is planning to host two more by the end of November.