Safe travel to Croatia

July, 30

The Croatian Tourism Association, the umbrella organization of the largest Croatian tourism companies and associations, has launched a useful website for anyone planning their trip to Croatia.

The website was launched with the aim of daily updated and accurate information on the number of Covid-19 cases in Croatia and its regions, and you can easily follow the real epidemiological situation in the country at any time.

Croatia has also decided to further increase the security of its citizens and all guests by introducing the “Stop Covid-19” mobile application which is fully in line with Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/518 from April 8, 2020 and is interoperable with all similar applications in other EU members. This means that guests from EU countries who have a similar application installed on their mobile devices upon arrival in Croatia do not have to install anything additional, while their application will function normally and warn them in case of epidemiologically risky contact.

Thanks to the favourable epidemiological situation, Germany and Austria have confirmed that Croatia is safe and recommend it to their citizens for summer vacation. Also, Slovenia confirmed that Croatia remains on the list of safe countries for which quarantine is not mandatory upon return.

Over 2.2 million tourist arrivals were made in July, which shows that Croatia has been recognized as a safe destination by many foreign guests this season. Most foreign guests come from Germany, followed by Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland, and Croatia continues to be the safest and closest holiday destination in the Mediterranean for all guests from the central EU.

We remind you that Croatia has opened its borders to all EU citizens, citizens of Schengen countries and third-country nationals with long-term residence in those countries, in coordination with other EU members, and allowed free entry into the country without any restrictions. Croatia has further accelerated entry into the country by introducing special ENTER CROATIA lanes at the Bregana, Macelj, Rupa and Plovanija border crossings for all passengers who have applied to enter the country through the official Enter Croatia system.

In Croatia, all shops and restaurants have also been opened, and all activities throughout the country have been made possible, with precise hygiene standards for the provision of services prescribed by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Regarding additional protection measures, mandatory use of face masks has been introduced in Croatia for employees of health care institutions and persons visiting patients if visits are permitted; all employees and users of public transport; employees and customers in the commercial activity during their stay in stores; employees in the catering industry who participate in the serving and preparation of food and beverages or come into contact with guests; employees of companies and institutions that work with clients and clients who come to companies and institutions; and employees in service industries where they come into close contact with clients.