Šibenik and the surrounding area will win you over at first sight; here is what you should not miss

August, 17

Now that you have thoroughly explored the inland area, it is time to leave our D-Marin Mandalina marina and embark on a sea adventure. 

The Šibenik archipelago abounds in charming islands and islets. If you stop by, for instance, Krapanj, the island with the lowest elevation in the Adriatic Sea, you can learn all about sea sponge harvesting and processing, and also see what a traditional all-female rowing regatta looks like. 

Zlarin, known for its traditional coral jewelry making, will dazzle you with its breathtaking coves. Did you know that there are no cars on Zlarin and that it is the country’s first plastic-free island? That is Zlarin for you. Oh, and do not miss what Žirje and Kaprije have to offer either! 

Walk around the island of Prvić, making sure you explore both Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurine. The island is also home to the Faust Vrančić Memorial Center, dedicated to the famous Šibenik-born inventor and lexicographer, where you can learn many interesting facts from his life through various multimedia and interactive exhibits and features. 

Seeing as you are already sailing the Adriatic Sea, why don’t you stop by Murter? This island of pirates, with a well-indented coast, merry locals, and fantastic cuisine, is a must-see destination for several reasons. A good few of those reasons are gastronomy-related. No surprise there if you know you have Konoba Boba to look forward to. Besides their mouthwatering food, you can enjoy a wonderful selection of wines as well as a great offer of gins, rums, and whiskeys. 

If you are lucky, during your stay, there will be at least one of the charming festivals and events going on in Šibenik’s surrounding area. Each place boasts its own event, and we will give you a quick rundown of the most interesting ones! The Tribunj Donkey Race, which has been taking place since 1957, is pure fun! But also a serious affair, as the rules of the race are quite strict! Only those born in Tribunj can participate in it, and the goal is to race around the village while riding a donkey. Just how many of the participants actually manage to do that… well, you will have to discover that on your own by visiting Tribunj this year. 

At the same time, Betina boasts a regatta titled Za dušu i tilo (For Body and Soul), and, as the name suggests, it is an event that all sea enthusiasts eagerly await. After all, you are also on a holiday for your body and soul. Lastly, these stunning events at sea also include the feast of Our Lady of Tarac, which is held each year on the first Sunday in July, and includes a boat pilgrimage to the Tarac Cove on the island of Kornat. 

And while you are enjoying all the attractions in Šibenik and the surrounding area, let yourselves be carried away by the sounds of authentic Šibenik music – from klapa singing and schlagers, to chansons. Finally, late at night, just before you go to sleep, take one last look at Šibenik. There is no better view of the city than that from our very own D-Marin Mandalina!