The sojourn tax for boaters reduced by 20% in 2020

July, 23

Sailors who paid a flat-rate sojourn tax in 2019 for the period ending in 2020, do not have to pay this tax for the period extending in 2020, according to the Ordinance.

If the period for which boaters paid the sojourn tax coincides with the period of COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia, the boaters can request either a pro-rata refund of the amount related to tourist tax they've paid for the period during which the declaration of the COVID-19 epidemic in Croatia was in force, or they can request a proportionate extension of the time period for which the tourist tax has been paid. Refund requests or requests for the extension of the time period have to be submitted to the Croatian National Tourist Board.

We would like to remind you that the Croatian National Tourist Board recently launched a multilingual portal, which enables sailors to pay their tourist tax online. The portal represents an additional way of paying the tourist tax in nautical, which has so far been paid only in port captaincies and branches.

We also note that in accordance with the Tourist Tax Act, sailors can pay the tourist tax according to the length of the vessel, and from 2020 according to the number of persons and the number of nights if it is more favorable for them, which is usually the case during a short stay in the destination.