Tens of projects competed in close collaboration between D-Marin and TURMEPA

May, 27

The project “I protect the seas with STEAM” conducted by D-Marin and Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA) is now complete. The project started last September with special training workshops in which 14 teachers and their pupils from 13 district schools in Muğla received STEAM training to create ideas by combining technology with science. Competing teams produced several projects to help inspire the protection of our seas and the winners received 3D printed medals.

D-Marin, aiming to strengthen children’s ties with the sea, and the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA), working relentlessly towards protecting the Turkish marine environment, particularly the seas for future generations, collaborated for the second time. In its second year, “I protect the seas with STEAM” project combined marine educational workshops with technology. Teachers who received STEAM training by ERTEV (Ermetal Technological Education Association) specialist instructors guided their pupils to come up with environmental projects where technology acting as a key aspect. Supported by Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education, the project aims to help children think like a scientist, improve their understanding of nature, and create innovative ideas and projects with the support of their teachers.

Creativity was key in each project!

The STEAM project aims to teach children how to love and protect the natural world and the seas and support them in coming up with creative solutions to environmental problems. In 2020, STEAM educational workshops were completed as part of the project. In 2021, upon carrying out online sessions with schoolteachers, children produced 11 different projects to protect our seas by using technology. On May 4th, pupils made online project presentations to the competition committee. Independent committee members evaluated the competing projects under four categories, Sustainability, Scientificness, Originality and Practicality before announcing the winners. Unseeded teams were encouraged to improve their projects and received an honourable mention. Two projects came first in the competition. Also, in the Sustainability, Scientificness, Originality and Practicality categories, “Çöp Kolik” project from Gökçe Zeynep Gönen Secondary School and “Deniz Kurtaran” project from Menteşe Secondary School came first.


Project Name: Çöp Kolik (Rubbish-cholic)
Teacher: Saadet Ünlü
School: Gökçe Zeynep Gönen Secondary School

Project Name:Deniz Kurtaran (Sea Savior)
Teacher: Fatma İşlek
School: Menteşe Secondary School

Project Name: Çöp Kolik (Rubbish-cholic)
Project Name:Deniz Kurtaran (Sea Savior)


Category: Originality

Project Name: Balon Avcısı (Balloon Hunter)
Teacher: Melek Yenigün
School: Seydikemer Karadere Secondary School


Category: Originality and Practicality

Project Name: Az Poşet Çok Oksijen (Less Plastic Bags, More Oxygen)
Teacher: Çiğdem Ceylan
School: Datça Yılmazlar Secondary School


Category: Scientificness

Project: Temiz Deniz Temiz Gelecek (Clean Seas, Clean Future)
Teacher: Mustafa Atıgan
School: Köyceğiz Yunus Emre Secondary School

Project Name: Maskematik (Mask-matic)
Teacher: Fatma Aybike Kale
School: Fethiye Üzümlü Secondary School

Project Name: DEYÜTEM48
Teacher: Uğur Elüstü
School: Milas BİLSEM

Category: Practicality

Project Name: Denizlerimizi Kirletmeyelim Canlıları Üzmeyelim (Do not pollute the seas, do not upset marine life)
Taecher: Elif Özen Karakaplan
School: Şehit Türkmen Tekin Anadolu İmam Hatip High School

Project Name: Akıllı Dönüşüm Kutusu (Smart Recycle Box)
Teacher: İlknur Gülhan
School: Ayser Kazım Eren Secondary School

Project Name: Bilinçli Tüketmeyici (Conscious Non-Consumer)
Teacher: Mustafa Uğur Ceylan
School: Datça Kızlan Secondary School

Category: Sustainability

Project Name: Pırıl (Spotless)
Teacher: Samet Sertkaya
School: Çaylı 100. Yıl Secondary School