June, 1

While the restrictions and travel bans imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic are gradually lifted in Turkey, we are glad to see that tourism has resumed in our region and welcome you again. Here, we sum up what you need to know at this point.

Throughout this process, we have taken a series of additional health measures in our marinas, in light of the recommendations of local and international officials and experts. We continued the general maintenance of marinas and boats, prepared them for better days and new adventures. In this context, we placed hand disinfectant machines in common areas, regularly provided training activities to our staff on Covid-19 awareness, hygiene rules, and their implementation. We clean and disinfect our marinas -especially frequently touched areas- regularly. However, to be on the safe side without leaving the precautions, we must comply with the reuniting conditions and regulations.

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, social distance markings will be made wherever queues can occur. In our marinas, all general usage areas, including dining halls, lobby, reception area, sales units, seating, waiting, food and beverage arrangements in open spaces and pool shades, and sunshade-sunbed groups on the shore will be arranged following the social distance plan. In these areas, measures regarding social distance will be taken, and signs will be made, and guests exceeding the capacity will not be accepted. In the use of general places, the social distance condition of the guests from the same family will not be required. 1.5 meters distance will be left between the dinner tables, and the chairs will be arranged with a 60 cm distance between each other.

All D-Marin SPA units, such as Turkish baths, saunas, and massage units, will serve with the Healthy Tourism Certificate. Hand-touched surfaces and equipment such as telephones, menus, control units, kettles, and door-window handles will be cleaned frequently with disinfected products. Filters of air conditioners and ventilation systems in our front offices and toilets will be changed regularly. In the payment areas, payments will be made contact-free as far as possible. Our marina employees will have their regular health checks. At the personnel entry points, thermal camera or contact-free fever measurement applications, disinfection mats, and hand disinfection or antiseptics will be located. Protective equipment such as masks, surgical masks, gloves, visors, and hand disinfects will be provided to our employees.

With these measures to be taken for your safety, we will sincerely welcome you as always when you visit our marinas. From the front desk staff to service technicians, from our moorings to slipway staff, we are looking forward to your return and do our best to prepare our marinas for you. We focused not only on your health and safety but also on your longing for holiday and resting.

We are delighted to host you and reunite again! Hoping to see you by June 1…