Undiscovered beaches and less known islands where all you need to do is indulge yourself

July, 23

If you decide to head out toward one of the D-Marin marinas in Croatia, including Mandalina, Tribunj, Dalmacija, and Borik, by starting in the south, there are countless natural attractions that you will uncover and enjoy along the way.

All along the Dalmatian coast, there are hidden beaches and coves, where true hedonists willing to explore are bound to find peace, and the D-Marin marinas in Croatia are excellent starting points for exploring such places. If you are one of those people who find pleasure in solitude and enjoy the sound of the waves, as well as sandy and pebble beaches, with unspoilt nature in the background, you should absolutely steer your boat’s keel toward the island of Šolta, a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the larger tourist destinations on the Adriatic. The island is located around nine nautical miles from Split, west of the island of Brač and east of the islands of Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veli.

To this day, Šolta remains an undiscovered gem in the Dalmatian archipelago, where you can still experience the traditional, authentic island lifestyle. It is home to fishermen, winemakers, and people making a living off olives; in fact, Šolta has been well-known for its top-quality, extra-virgin olive oil and oil-making tradition for centuries now. The Šolta oil is made from two familiar olive varieties – Šoltanka and Oblica. Here, you can truly enjoy your surroundings with all your senses: taste the local dishes and indulge in the indigenous wine variety, which is deep red with a purple hue – make sure you ask for it in one of the local konobas or on family-run farms. Also, try some of the unique, locally produced honey, in particular the wild rosemary honey. Interestingly enough, the Šolta-made honey was voted one of the best in the world by both the French and the Italians.

The island also hides some of the most stunning turquoise coves, especially on its southern side, which is a true boating treasure. They include Šešula, a secluded, naturally occurring cove, protecting boats during the fierce bura or jugo winds; Zaglav or Vela Luka, a romantic, turquoise-colored cove with a handful of stone houses; Jorja, which can shelter several boats at once; and Poganica, which offers excellent cover whenever the infamous bura starts blowing. Heads up, once you start exploring Šolta’s coves, you will not be able to stop, as they line the island’s coast.

Upon your departure from Šolta, head for the island of Drvenik Veliki, which boasts several breathtaking coves: the gorgeous Solinska and Pernatica coves are on the southern side of the island, while Mala Luka is on its western side, and Grabule is located west of the town of Drvenik Veli. At the same time, Krknjaši is a cove located on the eastern side of the island. It is a crystal blue cove, better known as the Blue Lagoon, and is surrounded by the two islets, Krknjaš Veli and Krknjaš Mali. The Blue Lagoon is perfect for boaters as they can relax here, finding pleasure in the view of the clear blue sea, home to countless sea urchins. Last but not least, the Blue Lagoon is perfect for anyone looking for fresh fish and other seafood, seeing as, once there, they can indulge in the smells and flavors of the Mediterranean.

We wish you fair winds and a safe return to D-Marin marinas!