August, 26

Discover a world full of sea scent, travel experiences and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The wonderful experience of D-Marin Zea begins through its pages!

The second annual edition of D-Marin Zea magazine is here! We have embraced it with love and attention to detail so to provide you with useful information both about life in our marina and about the entertainment opportunities offered by Piraeus and Athens in general.

Through its features, our magazine invites you on a journey of information, relaxation and entertainment, highlighting issues of culture and current affairs, providing suggestions for daily escapes within the city, presenting impressive yachts and interviews with great interest.

The new Zea Marina Magazine edition travels you to top island destinations with impressive sailing and motor vessels, introduces you to the lifestyle of D-Marin Zea with excellent options for coffee, food or drinks, guides you to the beautiful city of Piraeus highlighting the historical value of the region and proves that Greece is "always in season" through the highly significant interview of the president of the Greek National Tourism Organisation Ms. Angela Gerekou.

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