San Lorenzo

43° 51’ 39” N - 7° 58’ 23” E VHF 9


weather_icon 24 °C

Chance of rain

82 %

Avg. sea temperature

19 °C


San Lorenzo

  • By boat
  • By land

Monte Carlo

27 nm


37 nm


91 nm

Must see



Sanremo is a tourist location famous for the cultivation of flowers from which the name the City of Flowers comes. It hosts the arrival of the Milan-Sanremo cycling race, the Festival of Italian song, the parade of the Flowers, and a Casino. Besides flowers and festivals, Sanremo is also known for its shopping offer. Via Matteotti, the central pedestrian street, is the beating heart of Sanremo’s shopping district, where you can shop for the latest fashions in the many shops that crowd the streets of the city centre.


Laghetti Lecchiore

Only 13 km from the marina, a half hour bicycle ride will discover something completely different, yet so beautiful. An easy hike from the little village of Lecchiore will lead you to stunning natural pools in the woods, shaded and perfect for cooling off during hot summer days. The pools have become popular lately because they offer tranquillity to those who wish to avoid crowded beaches during the busy summer season.


Whale watching

The excursion in the heart of the "Sanctuary of the Cetaceans" established by Italy, France and the principality of Monaco, has as its objective the search for and observation of the eight species of cetaceans that inhabit the marine area. The stretch of sea protected by the Sanctuary is a portion of the Mediterranean that is extremely rich in marine life, and certainly the most important of the entire basin because of the cetacean populations it hosts. On the territory there are departures for whale watching from both Imperia and Sanremo.


Cycle Path

The Marina has access to the Cycle Path of the Coastal Park of the Riviera dei Fiori. With a total length of 40 km it is among the longest in Europe. The path starts at Ospedaletti, passes through Sanremo, Arma di Taggia, Riva Ligure, Santo Stefano al Mare and ends at San Lorenzo al Mare. The route is accessible by pedestrians and cyclists in both directions and is completely paved. In some open spaces, scenic resting points have been created, while some stations and old connected buildings have been converted into refreshment areas.


D-Marin marinas are among the best managed ones, providing top facilities and services.

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