Punta Faro Resort

45° 42’ 10.8’’ N, 13° 8’ 48.2’’ E VHF 9

Light rain

weather_icon 22 °C

Chance of rain

99 %

Avg. sea temperature

22 °C


Punta Faro Resort

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25 NM

Must see


Roman ruins in Aquileia

Aquileia is found to the south-east of the Veneto-Friuli region, between Gorizia and Trieste. 2.000 years ago, Aquileia was a large and thriving Roman town, now days it is famous for important ruins and monuments from roman history. The major highlights in Aquileia are Roman Forum, the basilica, and the Archaeology Museum.


The lagoon of Marano

The lagoon of Marano is situated between the river Tagliamento and the island Porto Buso. The landscape and naturalistic richness are testified by the presence of three nature reserves, both famous for fish farming and for an extraordinary flora and fauna within the lagoon belt.



The strategic position of Lignano offers you to indulge in many different fun activities and discover the mountainous area between Veneto, Friuli, and Trentino …the beautiful Dolomites, also known as the Dolomite Mountains, Dolomite Alps, or Dolomitic Alps.