Marina di Varazze

44° 21’15 N, 08° 34’12 E VHF 9


weather_icon 25 °C

Chance of rain

88 %

Avg. sea temperature

19 °C


Marina di Varazze

  • By boat
  • By land


15 nm

San Remo

50 nm


28 nm

Must see



In Varazze, take a look at the Romanesque church of San Nazario e Celso and the remains of the medieval walls or the Church of San Donato, from the 5th and 9th century.



Genoa, only 15 nm from Varazze has plenty of cultural sights to offer – from Christopher Columbus’ house, the Palazzo Rosso and Cattedrale di San Lorenzo to the Piazza de Ferrari.


Lungomare Europa

This easy itinerary runs through a coastal stretch of the Western Ligurian Riviera for almost 4 km between the town of Varazze and Cogoleto. This is a wide, flat route, known as the Coastal Park of Piani d’Invrea, and it occupies the old railway built at the end of the 19th century. 
The promenade itself was built on small flat strips that formed on the rocky promontories due to levelling by wave motion in the past.

Along the walk you will come across many spots where the presence of level areas on the slope and of round pebbles in the land above them allow you to identify the level of the sea in the past (today up to 100 metres above sea level).


Beigua Park

Nestled in the fascinating landscapes of the Ligurian Alps, Beigua Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Extending over an area of 397 square kilometres, this regional nature park is recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Offering an engaging environment of diverse flora and fauna along with intriguing geological sites, the park is a paradise for nature lovers.


Shrine of Our Lady of the Guard

Perched in the hills overlooking the sparkling Ligurian Sea, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Guard in Varazze captivates visitors with an extraordinary blend of spirituality, history, and panoramic views.

It is located on the summit of Mount Grosso at an altitude of 402 metres. To reach it you have to walk for about an hour after parking your car near the barrier.

The hilly location offers incredible views. The lush hills and valleys blending seamlessly with the cerulean waters of the coast. It is a perfect place for photography enthusiasts or simply for those seeking a quiet moment.

The journey to the shrine can also be an exhilarating adventure, as several hiking trails lead up the hill from Varazze. Some of these trekking routes pass through lush forests, ancient ruins and viewpoints, each offering a majestic experience that complements the serenity of the sanctuary.


D-Marin marinas are among the best managed ones, providing top facilities and services.

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