March, 17

Dear guests and partners, we would like to take some of your valuable time and draw your attention regarding guest health and safety in relation to COVID-19.

We are continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 around the world and the countries where D-Marin operate. Our number one priority is health and safety of our guests, collaborators and team members. In order to secure just that, we have set-up procedures, plans and routines in place. We follow the guidelines of local health authorities and act according to our set-up routines and procedures in the event of a case of COVID-19 at any of our marinas.  

Responsible authorities of countries where D-Marin operate have set up rules, guidance and procedures on how to handle visitors’ arrivals from abroad with regards to COVID-19.


All foreign citizens entering Croatia from the following countries:

- China, Hubei province
- Germany: Heinsberg region in federal state North Rhine-Westphalia
- Korea: city Daegu and Cheongdo province
- Iran
will be informed and sent at the border on obligatory lockdown for 14 days, while Croatian citizens coming from those areas are obliged to self-isolation for 14 days. 

All foreign citizens entering Croatia from all other countries as per list of Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (,32735.html) are obliged to take self-isolation for 14 days.



All foreign citizens entering Greece from all countries are obliged to take self-isolation for 14 days.

The arrival of all vessels at the Greek ports/marinas has been banned up to 19 April 2020, in accordance with the latest instructions issued by the competent Ministry.

Our marinas maintain the normal operation with safety personnel and follow all provisional measures and guidelines issued by our Ministry of Public Health.

Our offices will remain close to the public. All communications and transactions will be carried out through email, telephone or VHF. 

Additional Circular on Coronavirus Measures can be found at


It is still possible to get in and out of the marinas in Turkey. There is no mandatory quarantine except the boats flagged or coming from the following countries will not be allowed to enter in Turkish territory: 

China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Holland, UK, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Marinas are working as usual (standard working hours) and sailors can make their reservations. The Cyprus flagged boats must first enter the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, and after they can enter Turkish marinas. They have to declare their registration papers and insurance policies and after they can make their entry formalities through an agency or by themselves.

Additional Circular on Coronavirus Measures can be found at;


The Goverment of Montenegro has imposed measures regarding Corona Virus prevention in Montenegro including cruise ships and yachts sailing ban into Montenegrin ports. 
The Government has imposed new additional measures following recommendations of the Institute of Public Health including full closure of borders for all foreigners except for foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro as well as foreigners operating motor vehicles engaged in the transport of goods. (food, medicines…).

Borders will not be closed for Montenegrin citizens.

A 14-day mandatory self-isolation measure was issued for all Montenegrin citizens coming from abroad, based on the decision of the health and sanitary inspection. 


In line with Dubai Government Precautionary measures to ensure health and safety of its residents and visitors. Authority notifies all Maritime Activities Companies, Yachts Charter, Jet Ski Rental to suspend all Maritime Activities with immediate effect from Tuesday 17th of March 2020 till the end of March. 

Latest list of high rate transmission countries, all residents entering the UAE from the below list will be informed on obligatory self-quarantine for 14 days. 

- China
- South Korea
- Hong Kong
- Italy
- Iran
- Thailand
- Japan
- Germany
- Singapore
- France
- Kuwait
- Bahrain

In light of this serious circumstances, we kindly and strongly advise you to postpone your travelling. Should you need any assistance with your boat during your absence from our marinas, please visit our web page and contact service providers. 

Please have in mind that your vessel is not an adequate space for self-isolation as you will still be required to occasionally leave it for various reasons.

Penalties for those who do not follow these rules are high and we kindly ask you to stick to those as a matter of highest priority. We as a company are also obliged to follow and report any misconduct.

Security precautions that anyone can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19:


  • Frequent hand washing
  • Have hand disinfection ready
  • Avoid unnecessary hand contact
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • Cover the mouth with the elbow when coughing and sneezing
  • Keep at least one meter away from any person, especially if you or they are coughing or sneezing


Furthermore, we have implemented following prevention measures in our marinas: 


  • Antiseptic devices have been placed all common areas (front offices, W.C., sanitaries).
  • The number of employees taking shifts was divided into two group for the operational continuity and to prevent spread virus in the employees.
  • Frequently cleaning all common areas at the marinas (offices, WC, cafe, canteen etc.).
  • Security measures have been increased to control the entrances and exits in marinas that are deemed necessary.


We recognize that these are unsettling times and whether you are traveling now or in the future, we want you to know that your safety and wellbeing are our first priority.

Looking forward to seeing you again to serve you.

This information is valid until further notice and may be updated.